Titanic VR

Using your iPhone and a VR headset (e.g. Google Cardboard), you can now board the RMS Titanic!

View Titanic in glorious virtual reality 3d from multiple locations around the ship, and absorb the sensation of being on the world’s most famous ocean liner.

Period music plays as you enjoy the views.

VR locations: Titanic’s bow, crow’s nest, bridge, starboard bridge wing, compass platform, A-deck (Aft), C-deck and the docking bridge.

Note: As it’s virtual reality and 3d space, the buttons are put low out of the way so you don’t see buttons when you’re looking around normally. When you look at the button a dot appears over the button, hold it on the button for 3 seconds and the viewpoint changes to the next location. This is how you can change position in virtual reality without having to remove your headset and press a button (headsets without buttons.)

Like to walk around Titanic’s outer decks and learn about the ship?
Check out our Explore Titanic app.

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